Is Snail Farming profitable in 2020?

Is snail farming a good choice for a successful business?

The global market for edible snails is 300,000 tons, valued at €1 billion and it is growing at 4.5% per annum, so price levels are being maintained.

According to the report “World: Snails (Except Sea Snails) – Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2025” published by IndexBox, the countries with the highest consumption were Spain (16.500 tonnes), Morocco (6.000 tonnes), France (5.300 tonnes) and Italy (2.100 tonnes).

  • The profit margin on snail farming is high, if the correct farming techniques are applied and investment is relatively low. In the US snails can go for $50 a pound or two dollars a snail.
  • Snails are easily exportable live, with a shelf life ranging from 2 to 6 months.
  • Snail meat is a recognised health food, high in protein and low in fat.
  • Snails are not susceptible to any serious diseases.

Other countries have established a successful snail farming industry in the recent past. Ten years ago, there were 3 snail farms in Poland. Today there are over 200, providing over 1,000 jobs and generating high income for small farms.

Is snail farming profitable in 2020? Definitely, the demand is growing and the world is looking for different ways to grow nutritious and high protein food on a smaller space. Snails are a perfect example of how low-impact farming can bring great benefits.

If you would like to start a snail farming business please read more about it in the Guide to Snail Farming.


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