Snail farming

Snail Farming in the US

Ever wondered what the rules are for establishing a snail farm in the US? It’s quite complicated and you need to do a lot of research before committing to starting this business! It can be a very lucrative venture as there aren’t many snail farms in the US. You can read more about snail farming …

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Low Carbon Footprint Farming – Snails!

Farming snails requires microscopic grazing range and the carbon footprint is far lower than for most animals. There’s an exhaustive 2015 Italian study, published in the journal Agricultural Systems, to prove it. Highlights of the study: Besides being healthy, snail meat might represent an environmentally friendly food. The carbon footprint of snail meat under mixed system …

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Snail Farm Montvendre

This is a very informative video on snail farming (in French), from a snail farm L’Escargot de Montvendre, situated between Grenoble and Avignon. If you would like to start a snail farming business please read more about it in the Guide to Snail Farming.

How to Sell Snails

Sometimes you might be wondering how can you sell your snail produce, where to find buyers, how to keep the relationships going, the clients happy and how to reach an even larger audience. It has never been easier to reach your potential buyers than now, with internet connecting the world. Below you can read about …

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Snail Farming Guide

The ebook A Guide to Snail Farming will help you learn about snails and their specific needs. You will read about how to find appropriate land for your snail farm, what to be cautious about and how the yearly cycle of snail production works. Learn about the basics of setting up a snail farm, how …

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