How to sell snails

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Sometimes you might be wondering how can you sell your snail produce, where to find buyers, how to keep the relationships going, the clients happy and how to reach an even larger audience. It has never been easier to reach your potential buyers than now, with internet connecting the world. Below you can read about […]

International Festival of Snail Breeding

International festival of snail breeders

The festival is organised yearly at The Worldwide Institute of Snail Breeding in Cherasco, Italy. This is the biggest Italian and European event on full cycle Helix ground snails’ breeding, and this year it is happening from 23rd to 26th September 2016. Ideal for snail lovers, snail farmers, young entrepreneurs, individuals seeking knowledge and training on this […]

What do snails eat

snail food

Snail farming depends very heavily on the seasons, because snails go into hibernation in colder months and they begin feeding in warmer months. If the summer is too hot, then the snail rest. This all depends on the local climate, with some more appropriate for the most optimum snail production than others.  Some snail farms […]

Snail farming – Heliciculture

snail farming

The definition of heliciculture, known also as snail farming, is raising snails for human use. It is recognized as a sub-category of agriculture – and is widely recognized as a very profitable and low-risk form of agriculture. Snails can either be used in gastronomy, cosmetics or as food for reptiles. Escargot shells can be sold […]