Snail Race in England

We have never heard of this before, however it has been regularly happening since 1960s! A snail race where snails have to travel a short distance. The world record is 2 minutes! Snails move so slowly because they get about by using tiny muscular contractions called pedal waves,¬†according to National Geographic. Instead of speeding away […]

Snail Cream

snail cream

Snail Creams have recently risen to popularity, especially in the quest for the magic ingredient that will keep your skin looking forever young. What exactly snail creams consist of that makes them so special? Helix aspersa muller glycoconjugates or what is normally called snail slime, or snail secretion. It doesn’t sound appealing, however snail slime […]

How to sell snails

snails market lisboa

Sometimes you might be wondering how can you sell your snail produce, where to find buyers, how to keep the relationships going, the clients happy and how to reach an even larger audience. It has never been easier to reach your potential buyers than now, with internet connecting the world. Below you can read about […]

Rare lefty snail

rare lefty snail

Two rare ‚Äėlefty‚Äô snails brought together have produced their first offspring and more than 170 baby snails have hatched, just six months after the story of Jeremy the ‚Äėlefty‚Äô garden snail was broadcast.¬†Two potential mates were uncovered for Jeremy by a snail enthusiast in Ipswich and a snail farmer in Majorca and sent to the […]

How to produce snail caviar

Watch this short video of how Dominique Pierru produces snail caviar, adding a unique flavour of rosemary and salt. The French entrepreneur takes the production of snail caviar very seriously, and the price of snail caviar reflects the hard work and precision invested into it. You can too produce your own snail caviar by setting […]

National Escargot Day

24th May is a National Escargot Day! Hopefully you went out for a delicious meal at your favourite restaurant. Did you know that Escargots were the first animals to be farmed by man, as archaeological evidence has found traces of heliciculture going back thousands of years? Pretty amazing. Happy Escargots Day!

International Festival of Snail Breeding

International festival of snail breeders

The festival is organised yearly at The Worldwide Institute of Snail Breeding in Cherasco, Italy. This is the biggest Italian and European event on full cycle Helix ground snails‚Äô breeding, and this year it is happening¬†from 23rd to 26th September 2016. Ideal for snail lovers, snail farmers, young entrepreneurs, individuals seeking knowledge¬†and training on this […]

Cherasco Worldwide Institute of Snail Breeding

Istituto Internazionale di Elicicoltura Cherasco

The main aim of the institute is to research the biological cycle production of the helix species¬†gastronomic snails. It was founded in Cherasco, Italy, in 1973 by Giovanni Avignana. They mainly carried out experimental breeding practices in order¬†to verify the economic viability of creating a group of reproductive animals from which to obtain ever increasing […]

Snail Food

snail recipe

Escargot recipes are on the rise as¬†the next popular dish¬†for chefs! Snails can be used in so many different forms and can taste very differently as appetizers, soups, main courses, in a sauce, side dish, salad or in a dessert. As the demand for escargots rises, snail recipes are evolving every day and really, there […]

Escargots de bourgogne

escargot de bourgogne

Escargots de bourgogne is the most common worldwide recipe of preparing escargots originating from French region of Burgundy. Snails used in this recipe are¬†also known as ‘Burgundy snails’. This is Helix pomatia species of snail, or so called Roman snail, Apple snail. This dish is almost as famous as escargots themselves. The main ingredients are […]